The Theory Test

Before you are entitled to book a driving test, you are must pass a Theory Test. This is a test of your knowledge of the Highway Code and Rules of the Road. You will be asked 50 questions of which you need to answer a minimum of 43 correctly to pass. You must then take a Hazard Perception test which takes place on the same appointment, immediately after the theory part. This comprises of 14 video clips, taken from the front view of a moving car, displayed on the same computer as the theory questions, of which there are 15 hazards you must respond to. So 1 clip has 2 hazards but you won’t know which beforehand! In order to obtain a good mark you must respond by clicking a mouse at the point you see a hazard developing. The quicker you respond, the higher the mark, each mark is out of 5, requiring an average of approximately 3 points throughout the 15 hazards, so you need to get 44 marks out of a possible 75!

The ideal scenario is that you study ‘The Highway Code’ book, the publication ‘Driving – The Essential Skills’ and also a Theory Test book or DVD-ROM. Going down this route will give you a much greater understanding of the subject which you’re more likely to remember long term. However, it is possible to successfully prepare for the Theory Test with just the ‘Driving Theory DVD-ROM’ if you’re type who finds it easier to learn by practicing rather than reading! Almost everyone will require some experience of the Hazard Perception part of the DVD-ROM in order to pass. As an alternative to the DVD-ROM, there’s now a free App offered on the ‘Links’ page, which is available to all pupils and prospective pupils.

If you do have difficulties with the Theory Test I am able to offer one to one tuition using an in-car laptop. This is also helpful if you don’t have a computer, in order to practice for the Hazard Perception part of the test.