Pass Plus

This is a great way of gaining extra experience having passed your driving test. It is divided into 6 modules, as you’ll see on the following link However, this can be specifically tailored to suit your needs. It involves a minimum of 6 hours tuition, the new feature of course being the motorway drive. Normally this is taken in 2 blocks of 3 hours. At the time of writing, the course is being revamped and updated, in consultation between the DVSA and the Insurance Industry. This is to bring it up to date with current training methods. Currently the insurance discounts obtainable aren’t as compelling as they once were, but it’s always worth checking as insurance varies wildly, from one individual quote to another.

Advanced driving courses

Advanced driving courses are a great way to hone your skills having passed your driving test and completed the Pass Plus Scheme. I myself passed the IAM institute of Advanced Motorists test in 1997 and would certainly recommend this. This is actually what inspired me to become a Driving Instructor in the first place! The great thing about this course is that it is run by a charity - Institute of Advanced Motorists . They only charge you for the administration and future membership of the Institute as they are a Registered Charity. So rather than me sell you an expensive course, I would really recommend following this path. This will not only greatly improve you as a driver, but also entitle you to numerous other benefits such as discounts with the AA breakdown service and Airport Parking etc. You do have to use your own vehicle however.

To be honest, you really can’t go wrong with this course and it will definitely save you more in the long term than the cost of the training!